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Nuntiatura Apostolica


Feast of Birth of Blessed Virgin Mary in Braslav

On September 8 the Catholic Church celebrated the feast of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which is one of the main feasts in the parish in Braslav (diocese of Vitebsk). The church has the title of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary that is why every year this solemnity gathers numerous believers from Braslav and its surroundings.

This year as well the feast of the Birth of the Virgin Mary gathered many people of good will for common prayer. Together with salvatorian fathers, who work in the parish, priests from other parishes and dioceses prayed in front of the icon of the Mother of God in the church of Braslav.

The solemnity began on September 7 by the Litany to the Mother of God and procession around the church. Then followed common prayer of the Rosary in front of the statue of Mary near the church.

The main Holy Mass, which began at 11.00 a.m. on September 8, was celebrated by F. Krzysztof Witwicki, Chancellor of the diocese of Vitebsk. At the beginning of the Holy Mass he greeted all the present, called on to common prayer and reminded the great role of Mary in the history of salvation of humankind as well as that Marys life should be example for every Christian.

At the end of the Mass believers sang the hymn Te Deum, after which sanctification of grain that will be planted took place. The custom of sanctification of grain means that every harvest, all gathered fruits are given to us not only because of our work, but first of all thanks to Gods grace.

Zhanna Garnish


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